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sample iconCustom Doors

For a unique custom garage door just give us a call to discuss what you have in mind. Ring Sharon or Bill for more information on custom doors or email us.

sample iconColorbond Range

Choose from the range of colours see the link provided. Go to our Colorbond page to see the standard colour range.
For more information on new ranges of colorbond colours, please call Sharon: 0447 993 422

sample iconService & Repair

We service and repair all types of garage doors, aluminium truck shutters and Toddco Doors.  Give us a call service or repair.

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Sick of tradies turning up hours late or not at all, we guarantee fast, prompt, friendly service the old fashioned way. 

Short About Us

Hilltop Doors are a 100% Queensland owned garage door manufacturing company. All our premium quality garage doors are made at local factory on Brisbane's Southside.

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Truck & Vehicle Shutters

Repair Aluminium Tool Box Shutters, Truck Shutters & Toddco Doors 

Commercial vehicle shutters manufacturers of truck shutter and van shutter solutions.  

Our Extruded Aluminium Shutter offers security, stability and unmatched craftsmanship for use as van shutter or a truck shutter.

The horizontal laths are made of high quality extruded aluminium. Stainless steel bar locks, stainless steel paddle handles, locking or non-locking 'T' handles and keyed flush cylinder locks are available.

Guide Tracks are extruded aluminium or stainless steel and offer front, side or between jamb installations.

Operation can be manual for smaller compartments or fully counter balanced with custom fitted spring operator assemblies.

Designed for use on Fire and Emergency vehicle door and cabinet opening.

The Nyloy30 Shutter is ideal for either interior as well as exterior vehicle cabinets, where security, safety and reliability are required. We offer the widest variety of lock, track and seal options available on market.
Our guides are available in mill or anodised finish.