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For a unique custom garage door just give us a call to discuss what you have in mind. Ring Sharon or Bill for more information on custom doors or email us.

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Choose from the range of colours see the link provided. Go to our Colorbond page to see the standard colour range.
For more information on new ranges of colorbond colours, please call Sharon: 0447 993 422

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We service and repair all types of garage doors, aluminium truck shutters and Toddco Doors.  Give us a call service or repair.

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Sick of tradies turning up hours late or not at all, we guarantee fast, prompt, friendly service the old fashioned way. 

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Hilltop Doors are a 100% Queensland owned garage door manufacturing company. All our premium quality garage doors are made at local factory on Brisbane's Southside.

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Todco Shutters

Simply designed to be tough

TODCO’s roll-up shutter doors are constructed of either anodized aluminum (that can be
painted to match your vehicle) or bright-brushed anodized aluminum for long-lasting durability.
The low temperature side seal is designed to withstand the cracking and breaking caused 
by weathering and aging for an enduring, trouble-free life.
The thin panels are constructed with nylon end-guides to ensure quiet and smooth 
operation without continual lubrication. Each panel is intersealed to prevent the effects of
inclement weather, such as freezing rain and sub-zero temperatures. The panel face is flat
and has an attractive and unique appearance. A rubber strip is fitted on the bottom panels,
creating a seal that acts like a sound-absorbing buffer.
Our roll-up shutter doors have a front/roll configuration that can be customized to fit 
any application. The standard installation is a header/counterbalance design that enables the
door to “coil up” into a header, requiring as little as five inches of headroom (toward the upper,
front area of the compartment), resulting in no loss of useable space.

The members of the Covington, Kentucky SWAT team save both time and space when they need to retrieve their gear quickly.
Open doors no longer get in the way. Now they simply roll up and out of sight.

TODCO’s roll-up shutter door provides safe and total access to equipment on this utility vehicle.


The roll-up shutter door seen here actually serves as the exit and entrance to an office. The door aids in the aesthetics of the office, as well as creating complete privacy when needed.
Another example of the roll-up shutter door’s interior use, this contemporary version of a workbench makes a statement and provides superior security

• Rolls up and out of your way
• Space-saving design requires as little as five inches of headroom for installation
• No rollers or cables to maintain for smooth operation
• Lightweight, quick and easy opening
• Provides total access to equipment
• Multiple applications for interior and exterior use
• Simple design minimizes margin of error during installation
• Manufactured by the leader in overhead truck doors
• Adaptable for a wide variety of applications

The TODCO roll-up shutter door is easily customizable to fit a variety of uses.
As pictured, the roll-up shutter door has been used in numerous types of applications.
That’s just the beginning – our door can be made for just about anything
imaginable, including:

• Truck bodies 
(including utility and service body trucks)
• Lube trucks used to service off-road equipment
• Tractors
• Storage boxes
• Generator doors
• Specialty furniture
• Interior doors
• Wrecker toolboxes
• Airline refuelers
• Tool compartments
• Fire trucks
• Carnival trailers
• Pull trailers
• Horse trailers
• Racing trailers